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There are currently twenty-one schools in Kansas with Turbines up and in operation. We also log data for a few schools in Illinois. Go to the Wind for Schools Portal at OpenEI to see over 100 schools across the nation!

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23.06.2015 - Raspberry Pi news!

We are changing out our reporting method to one using less energy and, we hope, more reliable. We are distributing small Raspberry Pi computers to all Wind for Schools schools, to use to run WindInterface. They still report to us; they also report to the national database at OpenEI. They take up less space and use less energy than even a laptop computer, and we hope you'll find them less intrusive and more reliable. Don't forget to check out the 'Compare' page and see how your school's turbine stands against others in the state. Or, Click the 'See More' button on your school's data block to see 24 hour charts, historical records, and monthly energy breakdowns.

Enjoy the new site. As always, let us know what we can do to help you learn about wind energy in Kansas.